ACCOMPANIMENT AND ADVICE: Details of services.

Different formula, from a half day, to several-day ‘mini-cruises’, to take the time to get to know all aspects of the boat you are going to charter or purchase.


Technical and practical…

ask for a quotation for a personalised programme, to help you with various points:

-Presentation of the boat, interior and exterior, its operation and its options.

Starting up, and use of accommodation and equipment.

-Reminders and advice concerning manoeuvres, in harbour, then at sea:

Manoeuvres under sail (tacking, gybing, reefing, using roller reefing, hoisting the spinnaker...)
Manoeuvres in the harbour, when anchoring, man overboard.
Principles and advice on use of the engine, the autopilot, the instruments.

-Reminder of safety, navigation, weather and communication rules.

Presentation of procedures and on-board safety measures

- Crew organisation. Role of the skipper.

- ‘Heavy weather’ outing and manoeuvres; ‘Solo’ trip.

- Introduction to boat inspection, wear and maintenance problems

- Advice and possible adaptation of the boat.

- Drawing up of personalised manuals with photos, reminders, check lists.

- Cruising project study: Sharing of cruising experiences and stopovers in Brittany, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

- Miscellaneous advice: on-board equipment, PC/computers, provisioning, fishing…

- Project follow-up, weather routing.