1 - Details of services.
2- Technical clauses.
3- Administrative clauses.

1-The delivery services include:

- Crew selection and management, provisioning.
- Full technical check of the boat
- Technical preparation (rig, fittings, increased diesel capacity, etc…)
- Protection or dismantling of the more easily-damaged parts of the boat (interior/exterior).
- Charts / pilots / weather resources / safety / beacon suitable for the delivery.
- Responsibility for administrative and customs formalities.
- Possible organization of stopovers, in accordance with specific requests.
- Passage carried out as quickly as possible, to guarantee the safety of the boat and crew.
- ‘Ready to sail’ delivery.
- Full technical report.
- Inspection with owner or representative, advice for possible improvements
– Full inventory, cleaning…

- Various associated services (conformity with technical standards on departure, personalised accompaniment on arrival) can be offered; click here for details.

- Daily, real-time positioning whilst at sea, on the internet or by SMS, can be provided on request.

2-Technical Clauses:

The boat must be in perfect working condition and suitable for the planned passage.
Basic safety equipment must be on board. Possible additional equipment will be supplied: charts, nautical guides, means of obtaining weather information, EPIRB. Tracking and satellite telephone on request.

The skipper alone will be the judge of the choice of crew, the route to be followed and technical or weather imperatives. He will take good care of the boat. Easily-damaged interior or exterior parts of the boat (woodwork, rig, etc…) will be protected or dismantled.

A full technical report will be provided on arrival, with advice on possible improvements. Click here to see an example.

An inspection of the boat will be carried out with the owner, before signature of the delivery note.

3- Administrative Clauses:

The services are carried out under contract, invoiced after acceptance of a quotation. National insurance charges and administrative formalities are the skipper’s responsibility.

The boat must be insured for the passage’s duration and route. A certificate must be aboard, accompanied by the original papers and documents. The skipper’s personal liability insurance is included.

The boat must conform to national and international maritime and customs law. Any infringement will lead to the immediate breach of the contract. For 'long distance' deliveries, an advance will be paid before departure. The balance and possible expenses (according to the contract) are payable after arrival, on reception of the invoice. Click to obtain a quotation.